Does an edgy face require short / very short hair?

With my face shape, long hair looks ridiculous, even medium lenght, like 5 centimeters seem too long already.

My profile pic is from 1 year ago, my face has gotten even more edgy and my cheekbones have become more prominent.

I used to wear medium lenght hair most of the time till 19... When I was 14 or 15 , short hair just didn't suit me and I needed longer hair , aka " Justin Bieber haircut" * 2010 or so..


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  • You should probably ask a hairdresser about this because I don't think people here can give you professional advice in regards to your face shape and your hair.


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  • Well I think you have a very interesting bone structure so short hair really shows it off. I'd keep it short because I think it shows off some really good facial assets you have.

    • Thank you for this feedback ! The only question left is - how short exactly? - I have to experiment, I suppose. ( I think I'm still developing regarding the bone structure, guys are not really done till 21)

      my bone structure is similar to this guy's here - Jon Kortajarena

    • I wouldn't go shaved by any means, but something longer on top like he has would look good, but keep it a bit shorter than his because his looks overgrown. Maybe something like a short or medium length undercut.