Body type thoughts?

I'm 5'5, a D cup and a size ten with a small waist and flat stomach. I'm called fat by several guys I know (not looking for sympathy or whatever) and I get that my thighs and hips aren't small, but aren't women supposed to be curvy? When did the ideal turn from curvy to stick?

Sorry...that sounds kind of shallow =/. Please don't take it that way, but I was just wondering on what you think. What body shape is hotter on a girl? Why?


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  • tell those guys to kiss your curvy ass! I hate hearing girls being called fat when they aren't even fat! I actually am fat but I used to be your size before I had kids and that was the hottest I'd ever been. no one called me fat and I would literally stop traffic (okay slow it down at least hehe) when I walked down the street. you should be confident and love your body, no one has the right to make you feel bad about who you are. if you're healthy you deserve to feel good about yourself. you have a small waist and a flat stomach so there is no way you're fat. I have never seen a fat person with a flat stomach in my life! I'm sorry that some assholes are so programmed by the media that any girl who isn't a size 4 or less is "fat" but that doesn't mean you are. don't question yourself, pity people who can't think for themselves. all women come in different sizes. my cousin is very thin, straight up and down, minimal curves but on her she looks graceful and athletic she is hot. before I got pregnant I was your size and you know what that is feminine and sexy. like I said as long as your not medically overweight or unhealthy you should love your shape. all healthy women are beautiful to someone and shouldnt be put down because they don't fit some category.


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  • You gave a pretty biased description of yourself. That being said...

    The modern image of the "perfect women" is a very unrealistic thing. Very few women posess the body type. Through out history, the perfect woman was ideally full figured. Take a tour of through a museum full of historic sculptures of women of beauty and you won't see a single woman who looks like Giselle Buchden. The ideal changed very recently, within the past 60 years. In the 1920's weight gain pills were marketed to young girl so they could look more full figured and more appealing in swimwear.

    Personally, I like girls that are simply healthy for their body types. Hygiene and health are never unattractive.

  • I just want to say that in H.S. kids are flat out mean. It's probably mostly guys who are saying this.

    Don't let them get into your head or give it another though.

    I wouldn't go back to H.S. for anything. People say it's suppose to be the best time of your life but for me it wasn't.

    If this does bother you try to watch what you eat a little more & exercise, even walking.

    There is someone for everyone out there.

    What a world this would be if we all looked & acted the same.

    Be happy with who you are.


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  • omg. thank you! that's my problem too. I'm 5'1 with big thighs and a nice big ass. I personally I'm starting to love the way I love because I used to be fat. but I just don't understand why guys can't seem to get on that love train. but you're right it seems people want stick figure girls with no thighs or any kind of muscles or anything. so I guess it just means that if we find a guy who's into all of us (including our body) < sounds stupid. he'll just be that much more special. but I'm not saying you should go for the first guy that is into you. that's not smart but over look the guy that's been there for you.