What color should I dye my hair?

I want to dye my hair a different color as it is dark brown. I want it dark red but I would like to know what would look good on me. Please don't tell me not to just because you don't like dyed hair. What color would look best on me (besides my natural color)


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  • I'm a fan of darker hair colours because I like it if there is some contrast to the skin. I think it looks less boring but that's just my personal taste.

    a different shade of brown, black or red would probably all look great on you. I think it should be a dark red like you said, maybe auburn or something with a slightly purple or orange tint.

    maybe something like this

    and if you are open for some crazier stuff then you could try some very dark bluish colour... almost black but with a slightly blue tint.

    but I'm no hair stylist, maybe I'm just talking total BS haha

    • I know what you mean lmao and I feel as if black would wash out my skin tone since I am pale as fuck. "We're not pale, we're porcelain" -my mother
      and I already have a dark brown hair and its plain and boring

    • haha okay.
      thanks for MHO! :)

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  • I think dark red would be pretty. It would definitely be the easiest option, since going lighter takes a lot of time and damages your hair pretty badly.

    • yea and if I bleach my hair then dye it red, when it fades itll be orange ina bad way

    • Yeah, it can be expensive. I went from a level 3 to ash blonde, and it took like 4 visits to the salon. Plus it fades to the base color of the dye, like you say, so it only looks good for a few washes. Much easier to pick something close to your natural hair color.

    • thanks! I'll need to remember this haha

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