Girls, Coconut oil hair mask?

I've never used coconut oil in my hair (or any other mask) and I was wondering, does it change the color of your hair? I've never colored mine and I have no clue how it work. I know it softens and helps grow it faster. And does it change the natural shape of your hair? I have a curly/ wavy natural hairstyle. Again, I've never worked with coconut oil, or any kind of hair mask so bear with me.


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  • Sometimes I use coconut oil on my hair to make it shine a bit more and to get rid of frizz. But I use just a tiny bit, otherwise my hair ends up all greasy. It doesn't change my color or natural shape, just does away with frizz.

    • But have you dyed your hair? I did it to lessen my split ends. I also shampooed and conditioned twice

    • I dyed my hair two years ago and since then I've been leeting it grow to my natural color, so now half of my hair is natural and the bottom half is dyed, and I use the coconut oil on the ends too.
      But the coconut oil has nothing to do with color.

    • My hair is naturally curly and the curls are bipolar, so they look different after i wash it. I goes curly, or wavy (because it's so long)

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  • It makes your hair oily for about a day even if you wash good

    • But does it change the natural hair color or the natural style?

    • My sister has done this before it only get oily for a day then softer for a few days after. No change to her color or style really (other than oilyness then softer healthy feeling). Her hair has been dyed multiple times though.

    • I've never dyed my hair and I've read shampooing it twice or more can get it out

  • It doesn't change color.