Do you wear both boxers AND briefs - and boxer briefs? During the course of a week will you rotate through the 3 different types of under style?

Like most guys I made the switch to boxers in grade school and basically wore boxers exclusively throughout my 20's. Now that i'm in my 30's and well beyond any peer pressure or stigma associated with my underwear choice, I have broadened my horizons. I now have a pretty even balance of boxers, boxer-briefs, trunks (shorter legged boxer briefs) and briefs (not tighty-whiteys).

Each one serves a purpose and compliments the clothes i'm wearing (dress, casual, athletic, etc...). It all seems so obvious & practical now. Sometimes i will even wear boxers with loose jeans and briefs with regular cuts. Maybe it sounds a little metro, but if women wear different underwear based on the occassion, why shouldn't we? Is this strange or do most guys wear different types throughout the week?


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  • Well I'm a boxer man, have been over 20 years, and own no briefs. That said, I coordinate based on pattern. I know it's only for me (and my lady), but it makes a difference. I know it's there. :) Like, I'll wear certain prints for certain experiences. If I'm under stress I'll pick a cool, Arctic theme. I'll wear a party theme for a party night. That kind of thing.

    You're like a GQ dude, rotating styles. :) That's cool.

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