Completely changing yourself?

I was thinking of ways to go about this and I think that this is just as difficult in theory as it is in practice. Can anybody really change who they are?


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  • Yes buddy, I have gone through that few months ago, the conversion only took me a single week.

    You need to be focused, determined and having some free time, you need the free time for picking up the new stuff you want to get yourself into, you definitely need to learn something new and do what you haven't done before, or at least perfect it like someone else would.

    The cool thing is, you don't need to decided what kind of person you want to become, just give yourself a frame, a few limits within that frame, and set futuristic goals based upon the new person you've become.

    I have changed my phone number, my crew, my style and the gym I'm working out at. You don't need to change your college or work or anything, just get yourself into new frames and limits, be the new one you want to be at your work and utilize that, for example; I've become more controlling with people, a little bit more serious at work and dividing time on priorities.

    When you're in the conversion process go out and meet as many people as you can, give out your new phone number and take theirs, the more you talk, dress and behave in your new style the more you're going to believe it yourself, therefore getting used to it more.


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  • I believe that people can change on the surface in their manner of acting,speaking, appearance, etc. But they can't change who they are on the inside. And I don't think anyone can be truly happy unless they are themselves


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  • Slowly over time, but it would require a lot of effort... a bit like trying to put on muscle.. but you can't take any drugs to speed up the progress.

    A great example of how this work is the way anger management classes are set up, so the person can "change" for the better, but it only works if the person wants to change, and puts a lot of time and effort into it.

  • no. don't be stupid

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