How to improve my skin?

When I wear foundation (I use Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation), my forehead seems really "flaky", like it's really dry. I absolutely don't have a dry skin and I use day cream beforehand (someone recomended to do that before applying foundation). I wait a few minutes with applying my makeup so it is fully absorbed.
Who can give me some tips? I like to wear makeup, but this makes me really self-conscious.


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  • i just think u need a good skincare routine, that's all. the daycream thing is good but i would recommend really giving ur skin some love at home, especially during the night because ur skin regenerates then. make sure u have a cream for night time as well. when u get home, apply a facial scrub to wash off all that you've been wearing. that way ur skin is refreshed. next, moisturise it with a skincare brand u trust and works for ur face.

    id give it about 2 weeks of consistency and you'll notice ur face overall looking amazing =] makeup application will be less bothersome AND you'll be feeding ur natural beauty. win win! xx


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  • Try a moisturizing foundation like BB cream or so. Also, don't wipe your foundation on but pat it on to your face, when you wipe it it gets caught on dead skin peels and makes them waaaay more noticeable than before. Try to use as little foundation as possible. It is a fairly useless product unless you have a very uneven skintone, try to rely more on concealer.

    • Thank you very much, I'll definitely buy a good concealer.

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  • I have Been Moisturizing since the young age of Six, @Vehil and thanks to my Grandma who was also a wise ol owl like me here, dear.
    She started me on Noxema which is still an excellent skin cleanser, along with a Great moisturizer, which I have tried Many, Use these every day and in every way. This is Above First what I use, before applying any make-up at all whenever I do put this on.
    I also moisturize with a good nite cream, which is good to use so you can keep the skin Firm while you sleep.
    If you are only getting 'Flaky' on your forehead, then try using a bit more moisturizer on your forehead, and less foundation so it it may not flake up. Normally, the forehead is oilier than many places on your face.
    Also, no laying out in the sun for fun, walking and playing in it or swimming in it is okay but not to lay. This will help in keeping your skin nice and from helping it from aging and even in getting skin cancer.
    It could be you have "Combination skin," as they refer to it as. Neutrogena products are very good in different types of skin.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much for your advice :D

    • Oh, so welcome, happy to oblige, and thank you for the upvote. xxoo

  • Could you have combination skin? With dry flaky skin on your forehead, but normal everywhere else? You could also try exfoliating that area to get rid of the flakyness.

    • My forehead doesn't feel dry, but I am going to exfoliate it a bit more often. Thank you^^

    • It may just err on the dryer side then maybe? Yeah I'd exfoliate the area and then apply a good moisturiser :) that should hopefully fix it! And no problems

  • Dont use foundation it makes your skin worse

    • I stopped using makeup for about 3 months now., but I'd like to wear some to parties etc.

    • You can still wear makeup without using foundation