I like him, but I don't talk to him?

So this guy at my school moved at the end of last year, and he just moved back a few days ago. From the second I saw him I liked him. Before he moved, I didn't really know he existed really. But I guess he was a loser, that's what I heard from friends.

But not he dresses a lot better, and he just looks better overall. He also listens to much better music, in my opinion. I really like him, but I'm to shy to talk to him. He's still kind of a freak and loser, but I like him [: My friends talk to him sometimes and they all think he's alright.

The only time I talked to him was when I told him I liked his shirt and when I told him my best friend is still mad at him for something he did last year...

Any idea on how I could get to know him better?

I meant to say 'now he dresses a lot better' *


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  • Invite him to stuff, parties, movies, etc.


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