From a woman's perspective, what does a spy look like??

I was with a girl I like today, walking. I was smartly dressed and wearing a black pair of shades. She turned to me and said I look like " a spy"

is this compliment? as I don't look anything like a professional spy as I am very tall..., what do most women think a spy would look like?


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  • I picture a Navy SEAL holding a M82A1 (.50 cal sniper rifle).

    They are sneaking into foreign soil and then sleeping in abandon apartment buildings with a claymore at the door. They live a life full of risk and peril.

    (Sarcasm) I hope your not a spy, because I might be giving away your identity. If that happens, please contact your local Gamespy and tell this girl that she is wrong, that you're not a spy and that you don't need to change your identity. (End sarcasm)

    Your not a spy, she was giving you an attempt of flirting compliments that you had a sophisticated look. Accept it with gratitude and play around with it in the future, saying "i'll be back" like the terminator... Or when you go to restaurants with her for reservations - classify the name as "Bond... James bond..."

    - She will be shocked that you remembered.

    Best regards,


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    Finally, I get to make a Team Fortress 2 reference on this site.

    But generally, spies are considered fashionable and mysterious. For most girls, those are good qualities.