Which is your favorite from the Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" line?

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Let us know why you would pick it and which color you would prefer.

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  • I would go for the Lace Unlined Demi Bra. I don't need any additional 'support' from a push up bra! It's simple but sexy.

    • It's nice to know that there are some ladies out there who still like the simple look of bras.

      What is it that you like about the demi part of the bra?

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    • If your band size is too big, your boobs could fall out the bottom of the bra. If the cup size is too big, it wouldn't look right - kinda like your boobs are smaller than the cup.

    • So if the cup is bigger then your boobs would bounce around more? What does it look like if she has a short on over her bra that is bigger? Is it possible to find a pic of what it would look like?

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  • Satin and lace and the unlined denim.

    I really like the look of the bra and panty combo with the satin and lace. Very sexy.

    The unlined denim looks pretty as well.


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  • www.victoriassecret.com/.../push-up-bra-very-sexy

    i like the shape, the fact that it has two straps, and the middle where the cups meet is super cute. its a little plain but has a little something to make it stand out. me like!

    • how does the shape differ from any other bra? will it make her boobs look different when she throws a shirt on?

      what makes the middle part so "cute" in your opinion?

      even though it has "jewels" on the cups what else is making it plain?

    • It's just a simple shape, nothing fancy or super creative. Like a bra u could wear for any occasion but still feel sexy underneath... I don't think it will do much with a shirt on... I like that it's not just a plain connecting piece... its just a basic nra with a fee embellishments to make it a little sexier...

  • Probably the black, satin & lace one. Though I don't shop at VS because not only are their bras all ridiculously over-priced for essentially the same quality I can get at half the price at La Senza. But they've almost all got ridiculous amounts of push-up. Which I certainly don't need, unless I want to look like a porn-star day in and day out.

    • Does the black color have a certain appeal to you? Do you wear a lot of black bras?

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    • What are your thoughts about wearing purple bras? Is there something good/bad about that color, either for your personal taste or to go with other outfits?

    • purple bras are fine. I'm indifferent to the colour.. If it was a nice shade of purple, I wouldn't be opposed to buying it.

  • I would choose this one. I like its color and its style.


    I hope the link works for you.

    • I really like the simple design and look of the bra. I agree the color is nice but I would like to see it in a purple.

      Yes that like worked.

    • Great!
      I saw it in other colors, but this is my favorite.

  • I like the very top one the turquoise


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  • push up.. one.. its very sexy..