Are stockings sexy or not?

Are stockings sexy? What types do you love what type do you hate and why? Personally I think they are sexy as hell!

  • I love them!
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  • I hate them!
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  • Uncomfortable... you like em you wear em all day!!!
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  • They are great for tying a victim up! :)
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  • They are sexy and also comfortable, I wear hold ups not stockings though - I can't be doing with a suspender belt.

    • That's funny I would think that they would pinch on your legs more? I will say that thigh highs are super sexy!

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    • Oh no... that sucks but there are still boots and cute flats? Something so hot about having sexy stockings rub your legs when your close to a woman you love!

    • Thanks for the mho :)

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  • C - haha It's like I wrote than answer. xD

    • Are they just confining? I think they look sexy but I can see why girls would not fuss with them.

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    • Haha it's a lot sometimes, but sometimes it's fun. When you reach a routine it's not that difficult. You just have to figure out what works best for you. =)

    • I can be in a suit and tie looking Sharp in 5 to 10 minutes... no way I could handle it... I might try if given the chance though lol

  • Absolutely!

  • Option D haha

  • Not really, I hate them.


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