Girls, What is the most frustrating part of women's clothing for you?

What part of womens fashion is the most frustrating for you? What would you change if you could? What don't guys get about women's clothing and how they fit? I think body type has a lot to do with this answer so what shape are you and what's your style? Thanks for letting us get in your heads! :-)


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  • Bra is complicated its hard to find the perfect one. It's either not sexy enough, has no support, too rough. My problem is I can find a sexy one with support, or I either fit the cup but the back strap is too small. The sexy ones come in smaller sizes. Its always an issue with bras. So you basically need a variety to suite each of your needs/wants.

    • I have no idea how women deal with that constant constructing feeling all day... I suppose it's better than hanging out there?

    • Lol. Yes. And tnx for MHO

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