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Has anyone bought clothes online and how did it go? I desperately need new clothes and the stores around me have crazy clothes id feel dumb wearing. I can't stand the shirts that are longer in the back and shorter in the front or the ones that have long peaks hanging off those are stupid. I want a normal shirt that is one length around the bottom of it. I see a lot of cute tops online but I'm afraid to buy because I don't know how the sizes are and if they'll fit and how much of a hassle it is to send things back. I'm allergic to metal and have to buy certain pants so I have those covered I just don't know what to do about tops since all the stores only carry stupid ones that I refuse to wear. I'm trying to dress more girly and look nice but I'm about to the point of just buying men's shirts since they aren't made dumb and are the same length at the bottom.


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  • Yes, my first experience sucked. I bought a g-star jacket online and it was way too small. I had to send it back for an exchange, the turn around took like a month. If you know the brand you are I nterested in and a store that carries them, it's best to try the fit out first.

    • That's the issue no store around me has any sort of clothes i would even think about wearing. I've gone to every store around including the mall which I hate to begin with and found nothing, why I wanna order online but it just seems like a hassle but my clothes are also getting old and holes in them.

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    • Not really I just like my shirts to be the same length around the bottom and fit well and no stores carry anything like that. I've gone to Walmart, target, meijer, kohls, Cato, Forman mills, debs, all the random stores in the mall and found nothing :( there's online stores I like but I don't know how the clothes fit

  • Omg. Are u lame or what? Go shop at used clothing store or dress in rags

    • No I'm not lame, the clothes in stores now days are lame like who the fuck wants a short where the back of it is longer than the front that's just dumb as hell. Used clothing stores around me are just gross, did community service at one and my hands were black from touching the clothes which I understand people don't wash the clothes but I don't feel I'd ever be able to get them clean enough to feel comfortable to wear the clothes.

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