What do people wear for Quinceañera?💃?

👑👸💃 I don't know what to wear? I don't know if I should buy a dress or if I should just wear a fancy top. The party tomorrow!!! Do you have any suggestion please add pictures. Also, any make-up ideas would be great! thanks


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  • Just wear nice clothes. For my boyfriend's cousin's quinceanera, I just wore a sea foam colored dress and nice shoes. It happened to match the color theme of the party, too! Lol.

    • Don't you agree that now the new color is blue for Quinceañera?

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    • *been to. I get a little too excited with my O's.

    • Yeah its normally pink but I wore blue and it was short!

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  • No you should definitely wear a dress! Like maybe something white? I went to many Quincenaras before and they are so much fun but trust me when I say to wear a dress.

    • why white?

    • Does not have to be white it can be white or blue would be good too but it depends on what is the birthday girl wearing? Because I don't think u should wear the same colour as her but I think blue pink or white would be nice