Giving The look?

Alot of people on here say that when a guy likes you, he gives you "the look" ... what IS "the look"?

I probably sound stupid right now lol.


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  • You are not stupid, you are just young. I wish I was young again.

    The "look" is when a boy is checking you out, Mademoiselle. He is checking out your face, your eyes, your breasts, and your hiney. Let him check you out. Be yourself.

    Here's the thing, stand your ground. Always be a good girl, unless you don't want to be. Don't ever let any man tell you how you should act or how you should be. Cool, Mlle.?

    I have girls now. And I was a real bad boy. Trust me.


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  • Probably lots of intense eye contact

  • "Puppy dog eyes" You'll know when you see it I can't describe it, it lingers, it's intense