I've been listening to this song basically on repeat non-step for the past day. If this doesn't make you want to dance I don't know wth would!!!

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  • I'll see you at the club tonight 😎
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  • wtf is wrong with your ears bruh
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  • Honestly, I'm not a big fan of this kind of music. Granted, my music taste tends to heavily favor rock, metal, and pop rock (esp. 90's pop rock)... so this is a bit of a leap for me.
    For me, it needs more guitars, rough vocals, and angst/sadness in it xD
    I can respect this music however. To each their own!

  • "Ayer la vi, bailando por ahi, con sus amigas en las calles de Madrid". That was such a hit in Spain, you heard it in every club every night xD
    I don't like Reggaeton too much, it's the only genre it's listened to where I'm from so I got bored of it.
    I still listen to some songs though.
    Check this one out:

    • I thought of you with reggaeton in the title. xD Glad to see you commented.

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    • Yeah, I know that's why you didn't really like it. It's nice that there are some other songs in the genre that are good. :)

    • Yeah, I hate when they play the song so much.
      Listen to "Noche de Sexo" that's one of my fav songs to dance to with a girl, especially because of the lyrics.

  • Reggaeton is one of the genres I listen to often, and it's a very big part of my ethnic background (I'm Puerto Rican and Cuban).

    • Dude, I'm jealous. Can we trade ethnicities?

    • Nah man, I love being mixed ;P I'm not just Puerto Rican and Cuban though, I'm a good number of other ethnicites too lol

  • if only people in Toronto could dance a little more and stop the stupid bobbing up and down like a pogo stick lol

  • Nah I'm not into gasolina