Piercings and tattoos?

do you consider piercings and tattoos a turn on? I have a navel piercing and I think its cute. what do you guys think about these accessories?


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  • I'm fine with the meaningful tattoos or "classy" piercings; however, anything else isn't for me.

    So I'm neutral on the subject

    - it could either sway towards something bad (if she decides to cover herself in art and metal)

    - or good if she is completely clean of tats / metal.

    Anything inbetween is consider per basis - it varies with the individual, the body, and the art.

    ^_^ Best regards,



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  • I love the navel piercing. It's a huge turn on. Other piercing, I'm neutral, unless the piercing go overboard. I've never been turned on by a girl's tatto; I've been turned off by some. I have two tattos on my left are and one on my right. If I coud do it over again, I would have never gotten the tats. Most girls really like the tats, but I'd rather not have them.

  • I adore exploring a girl's body and viewing all of her tats. Clit hood and navel piercings are the hottest to find on a girl.


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