Has anyone ever shopped at PetiteCherry? If so, how good is the quality, and how was your experience with it? Did the delivery take long?

https://www.petitecherry.com/ I'm not looking for any super sexy type of underwear since my virgin toosh has no reason to buy any since no one will ever see it, but I do like the look of cute underwear and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this brand. If you're wondering why it's call PetiteCherry it's because it's an lingerie shop for those who are a D-cup and under.



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  • Ohhh I've seen those styles of bras before; usually on storenvy. Mostly for petite cuties, I think they should fit like any other bra though, but with a bit of a push-up. The quality is pretty good tbh.

    I've never bought one though (I'm a DD cup), but friends and other reviewers are satisfied with them and their quality


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  • Wow, the store has many cute bras and panties. I haven't bought any from them so I am not so sure about the quality. The prices are not so expensive compare to other popular online shops. I'll definitely consider to find a cute pair for me from that store.

    • I watched a few reviews on it from a couple of my personal favorite YouTubers and it turns out this company is 1) Legit and 2) Really good quality for their price.

    • Oh, and in the reviews they also said delivery takes around a month.