Girls, Men wearing panties?

I'm a male who is 100% straight but I enjoy wearing women's panties. Little sexy ones like string bikini panties from Victoria's Secret. I find that they make me feel sexy and I get aroused when I think about it. How do women feel about this? Is it sexy or disturbing?


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  • Providing they're the right size, fit you correctly and you're not spilling out of them, which would look silly, I wouldn't mind at all.


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  • Well, I know this shouldn't matter, but I think it makes a different whether you look really masculine or more skinny and smooth.

    I think of a big hairy stud wearing frilly panties and it just makes me laugh because of the contrast, it fine but weird and I wouldn't want you doing it around me.

    I think of a more Sheldon kind of guy wearing panties and it just seems cute😊 Like I'd want to play dress up with you or something.

    I hope I don't offend it's just how I feel about it. Regardless, it's you're thing and you shouldn't have to answer to anyone just because you like panties.

  • Sorry, no way in hell. I love tight boxers on my man and the thought of him wearing my panties, makes me want to gag.

  • That is a turn off for me.
    I find it disturbing, sorry. :(

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