How can I be cool ( but myself ) infront of my crush?

how can i act cool and popular in front of crush. i am not gonna fake it as i actually am very cool and VERY poular but i get all shy in front of my crush .


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  • Act like you add always do, when you see him look at someonesomeone else and forget he's looking at you dude

    • Thanks a lot. That was very helpful and kind of you.!!

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  • You said he already knows you like him, so there 's nothing more you can do. If he likes you back, he should make the next move. Just act like you normally would


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  • Don't bother getting shy, I know it's hard but just show your true colours maybe sit near him while you are with your friends and just do your thing. It's better if he can get a taste of who you are by observing, that way you know he likes you for you. (If he ends up liking you)
    Popularity has nothing to do with this.

    • See the thing is he knows I like him and in fact the whole grade knows I like him ( told him I love him in front of everyone ) and if I sit besides him it kinda gets awkward cuz he knows why I am sitting beside him. But thanks a lot for your opinion

  • You can wear crocs

    • What will that do?

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    • Haha just kidding I think he'd be more impressed if you were just your happy old self to be honest. No gimmicks no games

    • Thanks a lot 😃😃😃😃

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