What do girls look for in a guy to like them?

I wanna know what's makes a guy stand out to girls...I want to be different from other guys..what makes that...


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  • well if you really want to be different from other guys then just be yourself

    if ur really interested in a girl and she's interested in you she will love you for who you

    really are and not womeone you try to be. don't try to act like other guys who hav girls because

    then your not even trying, your just trying to be like some other guy that other girls might not find

    to interesting

    try to be unique, we love the weirdos. I mean some girls might not, but I don't know a single guy that's not weird in his own way. So basicaly just act like you do around friends and you should be just fine


  • Be there as a friend and don't be super aggressive. There is something to be said for confidence but I'm always turned off by people that are too aggressive about it or too sure of themselves. One guy that I noticed recently that I probably wouldn't notice at a bar was because he offered to help me with some things at work and he told someone that I was "beautiful" as opposed to most guys that say "she's hot" or some other term that sounds like they just want sex. Offering to do something nice for someone is a way to stand out from the typical douchebags we deal with on a regular basis.

    Also, when I start dating someone, if they send me flowers its a big "wow." These days, guys don't do things like that anymore. I think its really sweet. When someone puts extra time or energy into something it makes me want to do the same.


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