How would you describe this body?

Can it be considered attractive? Or is it just plain repulsive? Is it normal or overweight? What needs work?


I guess what I really want to know is if you'd be turned on by this body at all. How much of a turn off is it?
Wow, gotta say I'm really impressed by all the answers. Thank you for the input and recommendations!


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  • Well first of all, no, her body isn't "repulsive" at all! Repulsive is pretty strong word and she is simply not ugly. She has room to improve but she's got a good place to start from, clear skin, nice figure etc. Overall, I'd say she's are in the normal/average range. certainly not repulsive.

    I hope I don't come across like a jerk, but a couple of thoughts. First, I think her biggest problem is the less than flattering pose. That right there is the biggest turn off. When a girl or woman is confident, then they are attractive unless they are actually ugly, which she is most certainly not. A confident woman or girl makes the most of her assets.

    But a girl or woman who looks embarrassed, unless they are drop dead gorgeous anyway is not going to be sexy most of the time. It's not her fault really, it is natural and human, the photographer really didn't do her credit. I have to say the pose looks a little embarrassed. Like I said it's natural and human, but I thought I'd mention it, takes away from the natural assets she has.

    Think sexy, act sexy and 90% of the time a girl or woman will be sexy.

    Now, as for: "what needs work". I think other than what I just talked about there are a couple of areas for improvement. Building some muscle tone would be a good thing, jogging, light weight lifting and calisthenics are a great way to do it, the areas to focus on would be her arms, thighs and abs. Also, doing push ups is a great way to do a natural boob lift at almost no expense and without the health dangers of breast implants, and no more painful push up bras. If she did decide to do any work out program, she should eat right while doing it. Her body will need raw materials to build new muscle and most of the garbage food we eat in America today won't give her what she needs.

    Milk, eggs, meat, yogurt, whole grains, fruits, veggies and daily multi-vitamin and mineral pills are the way to go, she doesn't need really expensive food supplements or meal replacement to feed her body, she'll just waste money and make herself mad.

    Avoid TV dinners and most pre-packaged food, fast food, diners and restaurants, and above all avoid sweetened drinks, she should get herself some fruit juice and avoid sweetened soda like her life depends on it. Remember, eating healthy doesn't have to be bland and boring. Learn the art of spices, she will eat healthier, live longer, save money and enjoy her food and still lose weight.

    Spices are a great cost effective way to make boring food taste great. It takes a little learning but once she does she'll never regret it. Also some spices have major health benefits. Cinnamon is one such example and goes well in frozen fruit shakes.

    Also, longer hair and a light tan would probably look good on her. But be careful about how she tans, skin cancer is a real issue with over tanning so use the sun screen liberally and don't stay out too long.

    Anyway, I hope I didn't come acrossas too much of a jerk, hope it helps

    • Not a jerk at all! you were super honest and gave a real answer without being rude. thank you!

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  • It's not a turn off; It would be attractive for the right girl. I would say it's normal. I would also say a little bit of exercise and a healthy diet would make her feel much better. She would have more energy and more confidence. She has a nice body. The only work her body needs would happen naturally if she lived a more active healthy lifestyle.

  • You look to be the size of the average English woman (which I believe is a size 14). Your figure looks great to me. You've got curves in all the right places, the classic hourglass shape. I'd consider your body to be a turn on.

  • Its not a turn off at all...but a little but you could tone the tummy a bit other then that its fine


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  • You're not repulsive at all. But it wouldn't hurt to lose a little weight and maybe exercise a bit more

  • Hun, You look fine! If your really concerned then try and tighten up your thighs, doing squats could help. But I don't see anything wrong with you!

  • Depending on how you look at it your body is great. sure it is not the most toned body, or stick thin, but you have a great figure. From this picture you can clearly see you have great curves, and a nice waist not to mention your body looks perfectly in proportion. As you have asked this question though it seems that you prehaps don't look at it that way. so I would say if you wanted to work at it don't target certain features it is probably best just to work on loosing a slight bit of weight and see how you feel then. Remember that it is not only looks which turn people on but personality, and that different people find different things attractive. just make sure that you feel attractive on the inside and as chesy as it may sound it will show on the outside.

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