Please tell me just how I can go about knowing this? Read details please?

HOW am I supposed to know whether I am as facially attractive to the majority of women in the world as are the famous hot guys of the world (models and the like)? AT MY MAXIMUM POTENTIAL FACIALLY?
I have been called goodlooking/handsome etc and GIRLS IRL do look at me. But what I am asking about is different.
SO is there anyway to know?
Before you say lift... I already do and should have a body similar to most of the hottest guys in the world in a couple of years. But how do I know about the face?
I focus on much more beside my looks. I am a software engineering student at one of the top colleges in my country and get pretty awesome grades. Just lately this question has been in my head. I NEED TO KNOW. Please. LOL.😅😅

Please no answers like defined jawline and symmetrical features. I know that. And I have those things. But still there's no clear answer to my question


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  • Try different hair style, like either off to the side, spiked... u know?


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  • If you really must know and you really are an engineering student at a top University then just run into the engineering lab that has 3D projection software. Digitally scan your face and evaluate it for symmetry.

    • Lol dude. ... you know I could do that. But symmetry isn't the end all be all. That is the problem. I have a defined jawline and decently symmetrical features. I want to know where the majority of women would rate me vs say a Brad Pitt or a Francisco Lachwoski or a Matt Bomer?

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    • I COULD SEND IN HEADSHOTS TO A MODELLING agency for the lulz. Hmmmm

    • Don't do it that'll probably just make you feel awful about yourself... They're probably pretty snobby and they won't be nice about any criticism.