What is your favorite type of heel to wear?

What is your favorite heel for:
1) the one you get for yourself
2) the one you get for others to see you in on a special occasion?


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  • Believe it or not, most of my heels would be one in the same. Mostly. I tend wear heels almost daily, enjoy them, find them comfortable (better quality ones), and have never had any real problems with them, so what I like to wear would probably appeal to others, as well. There are some "killer" heels that would only really be appropriate for special occasions, clubs, dates, etc. that I would be wearing more the occasion or person, rather than myself.

    • what style of heels do you go for tho?

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    • Some would say "too often". Maybe every few weeks.

    • Do you go shoe shopping a lot or is it more like shopping in general?

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  • The one I get for myself. I don't really enjoy wearing heels in the first place, so if I buy a pair of heels, damn right they'll be something I want. Not something someone else wants.

    • I think I might have misunderstood the question... eh. Anyway, I just get boots that reach the ankles, with a thicker heel. They're the easiest to wear and hurt the least.

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    • I don't know, I don't really pay that much attention to what other girls are wearing on their feet.

    • I thought maybe you were going to the store and find out from there.

  • The one I get for myself.

    My mom does the second one for me and omg I always need bandage.



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