Conversation without eye contact? WHY?

This guy I know (Patric)...he always seems so down to earth and simply an OK guy when he's talking to me, but he barely looks me in the eye, WEIRDLY ENOUGH, when we're listening to the lectures (we have all of our classes together) he just stares at me SO MUCH!

Why would he do this?

I'm confused, because when we talk (which is very rarely), he never gives off the vibe that he likes me, but wherever I turn he's there, whenever he's in my line of sight (which means it's vice-versa too -in most cases), then he just silently stares at me from across the room. And his best friend keeps doing the same thing, especially when Patric's not around.

I don't get it.

Is there something I should be getting or is he just strange that way?





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  • Sounds like he likes you. I couldn't imagine just sitting there staring at a girl that I wasn't interested in. Does he look everyone else in the eyes when speaking? He may be a little nervous around you because he likes you, but he may be hiding it pretty well.

    • Yes, he looks at everyone else when speaking, but when he speaks to me he stares at his feet, and sometimes tries to look at me, but soon averts his head, like he's uncomfortable... :(

    • Yeah it definitely sounds like he likes you. He just doesn't want to slip up and say or do something stupid. A lot of us get shy around the ones we like.

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