Is it okay to dress like this outdoors?

it's a very hot day here and with the shorts i have on and the top i decided to wear, i noticed you can t see the shorts because my top overlaps the end. i don't want to go out and have people think i'm not wearing anything so i just decided to tuck the front of my top inside the shorts. would it still be tacky to wear this outside or is it okay?


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  • Is there suppose to be a pic?

    • uh, does the site require pics for questions like this? i didn't think a pic was needed so i just gave a description of the look

    • No it doesn't require a pic. naturally.. It would just have been a little easier to make an opinion, rather than to try imagining just you look.

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  • I can't see anything


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  • Umm hard to tell without a picture, but if you can see your shorts you should be ok. If you can't see them at all then that's a bit tacky yeah