Why do guys always compliment me on my edges?

Girls do to but I find it to be a weird compliment from a guy but many of them compliment me on it.

Edges mean baby hair


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  • Edges? Baby hair? What?

    • Yes, edges is another word for baby hair. You've never heard "edges on fleek"?

    • On Fleek? ! I am way too old haha. I googled everything, and now I understand. Honestly, until this day I never knew what edges or baby hairs was, so I could never compliment a girl to begin with on them.

    • Lol okay well you are not a part of my generation so it makes since that you didn't know what on fleek was but you didn't know what baby hairs was...

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  • What are your "edges"?

    • Baby hairs

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    • But it isn't typically worn in styles that would showcase it. In any case, I don't think that guys complimenting your hair is anything special or unusual.

    • Ummm... if she wore her hair in bun, which is a very common style you would be able to see them unless she pulled them back. It's not unusual for a guy to compliment me on my hair however, I never hear guys complimenting girls on their baby hairs which is why I find it to be quite odd.