What exactly were these green crystals he was talking about?

I was walking with my friends and this dude who looked high out of his mind, came up to us and said...

"Man, I'm blowin' chronic, and I see the green crystals, man.."

Weed never made me see "green crystals." So what was he talking about?

Okay, I didn't know the orange hairs were called crystals.


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  • idk


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  • Theres no such thing as green crystals. Just a lot of red hairs depends on what kind of bud you got. Like for example OG Purp Kush has hella crystals on it.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • When I'm high I tend to sort of rearrange the things I see inside my head so stuff that I normally look at looks different to me even though I know its really the same. Does that make any sense? Anyway, if that's the case then he might have been seeing leaves on a tree or something and thought that they looked like green crystals. Or maybe he calls acid or shrooms chronic and he was just tripping.

    • Nah, he had a joint in his hand, but I guess it could've been laced.

    • I doubt it was laced. He probably was so high that he thought something looked like green crystals.