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I was at the gym with my brother, and my crush saw me with my bro. My brother knows about my crush on the guy so I pointed him out at the gym (I tried to be subtle and not obvious about it) and when my bro looked over at him, my crush looked over at us. What was the guy probably thinking?


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  • If he doesn't know that was your brother, then he probably thinks it is a boyfriend! Try talking to him if you want to get to know him.

    • Ok,do you think that could be one of the reasons he won't approach me? (I see him look at me, and we make frequent eye contact) But I'll try to make casual non awkward conversation if an opportunity presents itself, thanks :)

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    • No problem! Glad I can help. I really think that you should try talking to him (even just small talk or something). But try to subtly let him know you are single and attracted to him. He probably turned away from you when you were talking to the other guy because he figured you were taken - he was "throwing in the towel" so to speak.

      But yeah, good luck, let us know how it goes! ;) If you want to talk further feel free to message me.

    • Haha yeah, it's been a few months that we've made eye contact (and still making it), and I'm still trying to think of something to say lol. But that makes a lot of sense. And I will and if I need more advice, I will message you.

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  • If he doesn't know that was your brother with you then he assumed you were saying something bad like " that's the guy that's been lookin at me" or something bad along those lines. And if the guy KNOWS that was your brother then he's thinking of two possible scenarios which is...that you either said something bad like the above quotation or that you were telling your brother something positive like that you like him. If he is now kinda acting differently than he did before this incident happened then you can pretty much tell what he was thinking when it happened.

    If he's now hesitating to talk to you or look at you then he thinks you said something bad or like complaining about him in some way and if he flirts with you more than before this incident happened then he thinks that you were saying something positive like that you like him.

    • Ok, well he doesn't know that was my brother and we don't talk, since we don't know each other, but after that day at the gym, it seemed he has made more eye contact, and has maintained it since then. Thanks :)

    • Ok cool no prob :)

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