What's something weird physically about you?

Myself I have SUPER low blood pressure. So much so that they have actually had to take it multiple times, because their readings came up as below living lol.(medically dead) However the weird thing about it is if I jump up too fast I go into a daze for about 10-15 seconds. If I was moving when I went into the daze my body will keep slowly moving forward with my empty eyes pointed in the direction I was in. The weirdest thing though is that while in the daze if someone tells me to do something I'll do it when I wake up almost forcibly lol. Like once my mother told me to wash the dishes while I was still dazed and when I snapped out of it the only thing I could think about was washing the dishes!


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  • My right ear sticks out further than my left. But it's not noticeable with my current hair cut. I'm thinking of getting surgery on it.

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