Girls, What do you think about these pants?

I already got the black one, which looks attractice and cool and decided to get one more in different color and they got the grey ones only but undecided whether to keep it or return back , is this grey color attractive?

Girls, What do you think about these pants ?

hey guys thanks for answering. i wore it to the gym today and got good feedback on the pants, so i am keeping it and these pants are hard to get when they are out of stock


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  • They're also a nice 'stay at home' pants or 'grocery shopping' pants because they're comfortable and fit really nicely.

    I definitely need to get some of these pants for gym.

    The grey is 👌👌 get a white one as well.

    • appreciate your feedback, they can be tight , the black one looked like legging initially when i bought it after couple of washing and a within time they look better
      more of them in different color , but if you search around you will get them for cheap

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  • there okay! so?

  • I want a pair. I've been lookin around for some but haven't been able to find any.

  • black is better

    • i am wearing the black one a lot and it's kinda getting boring, i mean these pants are expensive than normal pants , so its better for me to invest in second pair with a different color

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