What body part do you like most?

what body part do you like most about yourself and why do you like it

i like my eyes and butt.my eyes are so cute my butt is perfect.

what body part don't you like about yourself and why.

i don't like my nails ..they are really short.

i also like my boobies (perfect size) and my legs.


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  • I m thankful to God that whatever he has given to me. I am fully satisfied and happy with it.


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  • Do what the French do. Play up your worst aspects and keep the good one's under wraps. This is why nobody knows I have a six-pack you could use to wash clothes and a monstrous penis, but everybody knows I have body hair in weird places and an oversized, broken-once-too-many-times nose.

    Wait, I did this wrong.

  • For my frame size most people assume its really easy for me to put on muscle but it takes months of effort for the tiniest bit of progress. My shoulders and back barely have any muscle on them and are probably what I dislike most.

    On the other hand my calves, hamstrings and quadriceps are amazing and have been commented on in my gym a few times. I've never particularly trained them either, just as part as a full body routine.

    I also love my blue eyes, they're not the bright crystal blue eyes like my grandfather had and not as pale as the grey-blue eyes my mother has, a richer blue colour.

    And the grayish thing that sloshes around between my ears tends to give me a bit of pleasure every once and awhile.

  • I suppose I like my eyes... theyre gray. I don't like... um everything else. :P

    Perfect ass? I'LL be the judge of that!

  • Why are most answers (from men) including "My penis"? Haven't we read enough questions on "penis sizes"?

    I am happy with what body I have, which makes me fully satisfied. ^_^

    Best regards,


  • dam you have to show me a pic of yourself since your

    perfect ;).

    I like my butt lol because its nice and toned

    my penis is a great size and I'm happy for that

    i like all the black moles or beauty marks I have all over my body, they look nice

    my friends that are girls or just random girls like my butt, hands, hair, stomach, arms

    i don't really like my eyes they're brown but I wish I had green eyes.

  • I like my body. I'm thin but could easily tone my body up if I was willing to put the effort in at the gym. I like that god has blessed me with an average sized penis. Lol. I like my height too.

    I don't like my hair or my face too much. Although I wouldn't say I'm ugly, I think I'm just being overly harsh on myself! Well, I'm not too sure lol but some people I've sent my pic to on the internet say I look nice. :)

    >>>A lot of the time your harshest critic is in fact, yourself.<<<

  • I like my brain. It's nice and squishy. I don't like my arms. They're a bit scrawny.


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  • I don't understand how people can break apart the human body and look at it in its separate pieces, at least when it comes to aesthetics. Medically speaking that would be different, but beauty is a whole other issue. You wouldn't ask some one, "What portion of Van Gogh's Starry Night was your favourite?"

    It is hard for me to say what body part I like the most. My ears help me to enjoy music and listen to others. My eyes help me to see my loved ones' faces. My voice allows me to communicate. My skin protects me from infection. My legs and feet get me to where I need to go. My toes help me balance. My hands let me do art. My arms allow me to cradle children.

    I would say that I like all of my functional body parts and dislike any body part that decides to malfunction, hence why I have exiled my wisdom teeth and my appendix. >_>

    This is probably not the answer you are looking for xD;;;

  • I love my hair - it's extremely curly and fun and also sets me apart from everyone else, I love my eyes - they have a rare sort of amberish color, and I love my figure - I have a very nice hourglass type figure that I have worked to get =)

    I do not like my hair when it gets frizzy, that is a dreadful nightmare - _ - lol.

  • i like my face period!

    i dislike the of my body maybe if I lost a few pounds

    id like it more..

  • i have nicely shaped legs and I like my shoulders. I need to lose weight tho

  • i like my face and that's pretty much it.

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