Girls: clothes advice for a guy?

So anyway I'm 19 and just finished my first semester of college and along with all the other major changes in my life I have been thinking about how I dress, maybe its just like growing up? For the most parts I wonder what shirts are good to wear.

So on average in high school and to class I would wear just like jeans or cargo shorts depending on the weather obviously. Then I had a tone of Band t-shirts and some shirt with just like sports team logos and tough. But now that I'm getting older It just seems like wearing my Bad Religion Shirt with the crossed-out crucifix isn't exactly gonna set the impression I want. So I think that the way you dress can send a major message about who you are here's what I think I'm going for:

1) I DON’T wanna look like I'm trying to be over-sophisticated or have that look that says “I'm so cool and intellectual and I’m in college…blah”

2) I'm not a huge sports fan, I like watching football/b-ball but you won't find me glued to ESPN listening to hours of boring analysis.

3) I like music, books etc….but wearing over the top band shirts seems kind of high schoolish.

4) (please no1 take offense to this) I’m white and don’t wanna try to be dressing black.

This is kinda puzzling me, any suggestions?


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  • First off there's no such thing as dressing black. Its urban. As for changing your style, wear things that you are confortable in, no one can pick your style for you. Wear stuff you like. Shop around , try different . You never know somethings look better on you , then the hanger.


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  • i LOVE this style


    • Yea I actuall like wearing shirts with a collar and a t-shirt underneath but I feel like it kinda says "look at me I'm sooooo takign my self seriously" haha lol

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  • lol I'm in uni and me and some friends occassion rock a suit just to see peoples reaction plus we look awesome. Aside from that I kinda mix it up, occassionally I wear dress shirts and jeans, or Ill wear sports team stuff and jeans, t-shirt and track jacket, t-shirt and a leather jacket, polo shirt and jeans. Those are some ideas, everyone has a unique style, wear what you like/