How do I get my hair to work with styles like buns, or... basically -any- hairstyle other than just "down"?

Every time I try to style my hair, it gets messed up the minute I begin. If I start twisting my hair, weird bumps pop up near the front. If I try pulling some hair out of a ponytail holder so I can wrap it around the ponytail, half the hair tries to follow and the ponytail is messed up. Just everything I try to do results in random parts of my hair poofing out. Curling my hair never works for long because it gets knotted two hours later and I can't brush it or it just turns into a poof. None of those "easy but cute" hairstyles ever work. I can straighten my hair and put it in a ponytail, and that's about it.

I use a really nice shampoo/conditioner, rarely style with heat, and use a serum for silkiness, but nothing seems to help. Even my stylist can't get my hair silky.

How do people get their hair to cooperate? Is my hair just abnormally awful? D:

Here's a picture of my hair, if that'll help anyone.


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  • Joico is a really good brand for shampoos and conditioners, although its a bit on the pricy side. But i'd turn it up a notch if I were you and do weekly hair masks and sometimes put coconut oil in your hair before a shower because, omf, coconut oil can work WONDERS. I'm not extremely skilled in hair care so tell your hairdresser about your hair, ask them what to do and ask them to recommend brands. :)) Good luck


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  • Ask your stylist the question about putting your hair up and if they are unable to answer, ask are there any other options for a person in your position?

    • Her only answer for me was to try to "find what works for you." She's sweet, but I don't know if I'm just hopeless or if she's unhelpful. :/

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  • You have to accept that your hair isn't going to look perfect first thing and practice the styles you want to do.

    You also need to work WITH your hair and see what works for *you*.

    • I know it's not going to look perfect, believe me, but there are so many basic things (like pulling a few strands out of a ponytail) which don't sound like they should require much skill. Is there a specific angle at which the hair can be tugged without dragging the rest of my ponytail with it? D:

      I don't know how to work with my hair, since what works for me seems to be a whole lot of nothing. >.< Thanks anyway, though.

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    • You tighten the pony tail after you're done pulling out the pieces...

      Then find new styles that DO work. Get creative :)

    • I know, I'm not THAt dumb, haha.

  • first your hair looks nice :) try to get something that stops frizzing if it has the tendency to do that, and check youtube tutorials on hair styles. it takes some practice but it's worth it!

  • Can you put up a picture?

    • I added a picture, hopefully it'll help in some way.

    • Ok. You have very thin hair that's really not suited for a bun... If you want it silky and smooth, you need to get a keratin treatment or get your hair permanently straightened. By doing so, it will come out super straight and silky. No shampoo or conditioner is going to help.

    • I hope this can help

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