How do I break it to him?

So my ex tried to get nude pics of me, and I'm not gonna let him use me, he texted me a few times last week, and then Friday after I glared at him when he smiled at me, and I never have, he texted me that night "still no reply", its like if I'm glaring at him how can he expect an answer?

he hasn't texted me for a few days and this is longest for since this has been going on

does this mean he realizes how bad what he did was?

he used this if you care about me you'll send me and it like forced me to send him lingerie pics and I didn't want to, so he's not gonna use me anymore and actually get nude pics.

my friends say they would never talk to the person again.

i actually have gotten over him, only when I was with him id feel like I like him, but he's barely on my mind anymore.

how do I break it to him?

i don't wanna be like I don't like you leave me alone

i wish we could still talk

but we will never be "friends"

since there's finals I'm thinking I'm gonna confront him next week and be like you obviously have no respect for me, you don't love me, you have no right to ask me for these etc.

what do I do about this mess?


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  • what you end up doing?