Is there any way to solve this problem?

My body type is alittle strange in the sense that my waist is a size medium, I'm also 6 foot 2 so I have a large chest and armspan so I need a large size for my arms and chest, if I wear a medium shirt or jacket it's fine on my waist but it's not long enough for my arms and is almost okay on my chest, same goes for dress shirts, do u recommend any brands, stores or clothing styles that fit this


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  • That is a tough one - It is a case of what you tried here finding someone the same size who would know some of the brands that might help - The second less appealing option is going around the shops and trying on different brands or discussing with sales assistants your needs. I feel if you go with the brands with largest selection they might be best you know stuff like large in ( slim fit, normal or baggy ) I tried a google but it just brought me to sizing charts that doesn't really help you..