How good of a poet are you?

OK, I want to know how good of poets all of you are. Type a poem you wrote(no cheating!) into the comments. It can be any kind of poem you want. thanks :)


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  • I posted this poem on a forum site, does that count as cheating? :S It's still my work... I'm not that great, but I try. It's just a hobby.

    My Road

    My road is made of ice,

    It's shaky and slippery,

    And at any moment at all I could fall.

    I could fall back into the darkness,

    The cold,

    The emptiness,

    The loneliness,

    And the pain...

    The fear is heavy,

    It's pressure is pulling me down,

    At any moment at all it could crack,

    Thick and thin all over,

    Is the road.

    I lifted my load onto you,

    You're up in the sky,

    I'm down below,

    I thought you'd be stronger,

    I thought you'd be there,

    Instead you walked away.

    You were supposed to be my skates,

    The ones that'd let me glide away,

    The ones that'd never let me slip,

    The ones that'd never fall,

    The ones that'd help me find stable ground.

    Now it'll never be fixed,

    There's so many cracks on the way,

    It'll forever be broken,

    Don't let me lead,

    I'll just fall,

    Slip away...

    The road that I walk on is ice,

    Never stable,

    Never sane,

    No one else walks my road,

    No one else would dare to stay.

    • I think this is really good! no, it isn't cheating :)

    • Thank you! :) No one ever gives me feedback though, so I really appreciate your opinion.

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  • I've never considered any poetry of mine to be good or well written, but that is not the point of it, and I'm bored so I'll post one I wrote a few years ago.

    Crucify Me

    Put me up on your cross of shame and humiliation, go ahead.

    We both know who should be in my place instead.

    I gladly take the place of the one meant to be,

    the one whom I hold nothing but love for in the deepest depths of my heart mind soul and body.

    Go ahead and stare judgmentally at the horrible disgusting figure you choose to see.

    I only see the most wondrous of creatures who allowed me to see the best in me.

    Lash out at me with your whipped tongue with the harshest remarks you can

    Loving words only shall pass from my lips unto your ears taking the punishment as a man.

    Throw rocks and stones and fists of fury.

    Be, to watch me dead and gone, in such a hurry.

    I would only reach out to you and gently caress your face,

    If not nailed, to the cross I now bear for you were my hands, in place.

    You can spit at me with the utmost disgust.

    Only tenderly would my mouth be used to kiss your lips with only love, no sign of lust.

    Cry out yet again with your insults that deepen the wounds set so deep within my chest.

    Not one harsh word would I have for your beautiful soul, instead rather the best.

    Watch my eyes darken as yours brighten with each passing second.

    I want you to know I was willing to do this for you without even one question.

    Your breathing becomes excited and mine labored with time,

    So difficult it is getting to even breathe or see the world which I’d be taken out of before my prime.

    Darkening now is the world around me and I look to your bright beautiful eyes.

    Not knowing what waits for me either below or up in that great big bluest of skies.

    I mouth I love you with my dying breath as you stare coldly at me.

    Willing was I to make this sacrifice for you, so Put Me Up On Your Cross, And Crucify Me

    (And Set Yourself Free)

    • is good. it was writen in the tone you were feeling at the time so it holds emotion. this is amazing!

    • Aw, thanks sweetheart. Yeah my 'poetry' is basically just a journal, a way for me to deal with and get emotions out. I've only ever 'purposely' written a couple of poems for certain occassions, otherwise it's for my own benefit. Love can be a grand thing, but when it isn't reciprocated, or it's lost, then it's the worst thing. I took from that experience with my ex at the time to write that. Thanks again, although it is not for the benefit of others, it's always nice to hear appreciation as such

  • Lol. I never thought someone would bring this back to life.


    By: ShadesOfGrey

    The very essence of life

    Containing every element.

    A cloud of cosmic chaos and creation.

    Accident and artistic.

    Its can be as golden as the rising sun

    as dark as the moonless midnight,

    filled with greens, blues and other hues,

    Sprinkled with the silver of other worlds.

    At the same time engines of destruction.

    Exploding and colliding.

    Waves of disarray causing more trouble.

    The forces they exert are necessary and dangerous.

    At the same time this dust,

    In the nebula of life,

    Is the victim of terrible tragedies

    And beautiful blessings.

    And for all its worth

    We sit on the little blue planet called Earth.

    Only able to wait and watch,

    As the tiniest particles in existence

    Build bigger than we ever dreamed of.

    • Wow, I could picture it in my head, and it was a picture of beauty. this is good. :)

  • This is my own work.

    The White Rose it is said as Aphrodite the Goddess of love sprang forth into life

    from the foaming sea were the foam fell the White Roses grew

    the flower of light otherwise known as the white rose

    symbolizes a untarnished, untainted love

    that is innocent, honorable and as pure as virgin snow

    the Red Rose it is said

    as Aphrodite ran to help her wounded lover Adonis caught her flesh

    on the thorns of a White Rose bush her Blood falling on the bush turned the Roses Red

    symbolizing the change from innocence to adulthood and experience

    the Blood Rose otherwise known as the Red Rose symbolizes

    deep intimate love that is filled with fiery passion and lustful physical hunger

    apart they are the Roses of love each representing a side of it

    a more spiritual love and a more physical love together

    they are a symbol of real love a love that is kind, thoughtful, honorable

    and as pure as virgin snow but also passionate, fiery, intimate and physical

    the Red and White Rose joining together a love that like any couple grows matures

    and sees conflict and struggle from innocence and purity to experience,

    motherhood and fatherhood but like any mortal being or thing we all must die

    our love is eternal but alas our bodies are not

    but death is not the end but rather a grand beginning


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  • I wrote this months ago...

    June was someone

    Don't know the name anymore

    July, you came, thought you were

    just a beautiful dream

    And you were

    I knew to stay away

    From this dream

    And I knew you'd just fade away

    I didn't wake

    from this summer dream

    too beautiful

    If I'd wake I knew you'd be gone

    And I'd forget

    Everything you said

    Words so beautiful

    And I knew they'd just fade away

    It went from colors

    To greys and blacks

    I didn't see it change,

    I just didn't notice it all

    Slowly wake

    To the dark cold world

    the replays don't stop

    I'll forget about you somehow

    I got an ending

    You said goodbye

    Promised you'd remember

    Just as good as I'd remember you

    Sleep so deep

    Sleep so sweet

    Just stay in this dream

    I know you'll just fade away

    Just stay in this dream

    I know you'll just fade away