Why don't guys talk to me?

they never seem to want to talk to me. I am funny but pretty shy. I am not ugly but don't wear a ton of makeup. I don't know what's wrong! I am black and the all the boys at my school are white, maybe that's it? help?!?


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  • The fact that you go to a primarily white school definitely is having some impact, trust me. I see it all over this website across numerous "Why don't white guys ask out black girls?" posts. Don't blame yourself, and also don't take it as white guys thinking you are repulsive or anything. As most responses on this site show, white guys are commonly intimidated by black girls. I know it's silly but some white guys even go so far as to think that some black girls expect their guys to have a larger than average d*** since they are used to black guys, who supposedly have large d***s. lol the world is a crazy place


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  • AfroRomance "Where love is more than skin deep."

    Is anyone else getting that ad on this question too?

    Anyways, I have a white friend who is dating a black girl, but he's the only guy I know who's ever dated a black girl. I feel like some guys would date black girls, but are afraid of what people might think (Like their parents).

  • white guys rarely ever go out with black girls, but if you want more male attention, you should start wearing more make up, dress in more colourful clothing in accordance with the latest fashion and start acting more confident. that's bound to get more attention if you really care.


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