Best flirting tricks? (BOYS HELP)

I'm pretty pretty, haha you know what I mean, and I'm not trying to brag. But there aren't any good guys, trust me, I know. So I guess my boredom just makes me want to make all these guys like me, I know, sounds stuck up doesn't it. But doesn't every one want someone to like them? I think it would be cool to get types from GUYS TO SEE WHAT THEY LIKE and when girls are actually just making themselves look like complete idiots and are totally turning them off. Cute little ones that ACTUALLY WORK! CMON YOU GUYS! -Ap


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  • The reason you cannot find a "good guy" is because your not ready for us to pursue you.

    - Your being too honest and less modest

    - Your overgeneralizing about males being bad / good / etc

    - Your being hypocritical, you won't like someone but your saying: "doesn't every one want someone to like them"


    Flirting advice:

    - Flirting with body language and word use is possibly the best fun; however, when you directly say a "line" that's intended as flirty- it rarely is. People will catch on to your true intentions, but if they don't want to play- they won't respond. It's a very simply rule-of-thumb. If they are interested, they will play- if not- they wont.

    Here's the catch- when you flirt with your body or by flirting with your word choice- you are going directly to their subconscious and not to their conscious. So you are disturbing their calm state of everything at it's norm- which makes them take an extreme attraction to you.

    - You can do this by the way you stand / look at them

    - Or by saying certain words without intentionally meaning something else

    Best regards,


  • "There aren't any good guys, trust me, I know"

    Either you haven't looked hard enough, or your standards are impossibly high.


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