Guys, what is your favorite outfit a girl wears?

I mean CASUAL outfits. Not something she would wear to a party. I'm more of the sweats and t shirt kind of girl but I've noticed that the girls who dress up like they are going to a party to school get A LOT of attention.


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  • For some reason, every girl at my school wears those skin tight Lulu Lemon pants at my school. All I see is butts 24/7 it's so wrong but sooo right...

    Girl jeans and a t-shirt, bright colours, something a girl would wear? I dunno.

    • Matter of fact girls and my school wear the same tight jeans to and booty jean shorts I like to call them. I do agree, jeans and a bright t-shirt should do.

    • Who would think black stretchy yoga pants would be considered sexy. HAHA.

    • Those pants grab girls asses and show them to the world, how could they not be sexy.

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  • I think you and I have different opinion on what is casual and what isn't. To me, sweats and a t-shirt is a lot less than casual. So what's your idea of "dressing up like they're going to a party"?

    • Wearing things like this:

      girls in my school actually dress like that on a daily basis.

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    • Wtfff what kind of school do you go to that people regularly wear gowns?

    • A public school, believe it or not

  • Uh some short shorts or short skirts with bright colours. Also skinny jeans with some nice tank tops. and a small jacket.

  • skirts! my favorite but dresses work. Jeans also work with nice shirts

  • I like short skirts and short dresses


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