How do you ask a girl out in 60 seconds?

So I am a delivery driver, I meet a ton of people daily. At one of my stops is a woman, she smiles at me and it makes me smile in return, or visa versa. I think there's a connection because she looks into my eyes the whole time smiling. Or maybe she's being polite? No idea.

I was thinking of asking her out for coffee or something generic like that, to get to know her more. Would that be wise?

Guess I don't know what I'm asking, hopefully someone could tell me.

Thank you =)


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  • I wonder the very same thing. How do people do that? The best thing might be to strike up a conversation and go for it. You will never find out if anything is there if you don't ask.

    • I did ask, and now I've got a date, Ty you for the kick in the butt

  • I think you're really pulling a lot from a smile and some eye contact.

    • Yeah... No, your wrong as are most of your answers, TY

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