How do I show him how I feel?

Okay so in my other question I asked if my guy friend at work wanted to be more than friends and all responded that he did. So how am I supposed to show him that I want something more too? I really like this guy, think about him a lot. I am really shy and get kinda awkward with these things, So I need your help!


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  • If he responded that he wanted to be more than friends than that gives you the green light! What are you waiting for?

    Definitely show him that you want more. Flirt with him. And like iNick said, grab his hand. Initiate things with him at work. Whether it be a conversation, asking him to join you for lunch, to help you with something. Obviously you're at work so keep it G rated!

    Maybe bring up that you're cooking a great meal one night and tell him that he should join you (that he'll like your cooking). Assuming you're a good cook! If you can't, invite him over to watch a movie with you one night...sit next to him, rest your head on his shoulder, cuddle with get the picture.

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    • Well I don't know for sure if he does... If you could maybe read my other question you'll be able to get more of the story?

  • Try grabbing his hand sometime.


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