Guys, if a girl you liked told you she liked you, what would you do next?

I asked a question yesterday, on, what will he his reaction be when I tell him, I know, and his eyes were happy he was smiling, he looked so confused when I said I expected him to ignore me 'why would I do that' I feel like I'm high right about now! Anyways, what should I expect from him, -note that he's kinda emotionally immature, and tends to run from his emotions, but... it seems like he's working on it- When I see him, what do you think he'll do? I told him I liked him, because I wanted to know if I wasted my time, crying and getting mad over him, for a bad reason. And his reaction to what I said will tell me that, if its happy and good, it means he liked me, which means, He felt the same things I was, we just aren't in a place in our lives where we can be together, Bad reaction, like no life in his eyes, no smiles, it means he doesn't like me and I wasted my time for a bad reason, but he does like me, and I wasted my time for a great reason, Now please tell me, what should I expect from him?

Please, I really want to know, if like I should expect him to never talk to me again!


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  • Don't expect anything - enjoy this feeling of being "high" in love. This feeling doesn't come often- and if your expecting something to happen, it could go the opposite of what you intended- which leaves you with a feeling of disappointment.

    If you want the best reaction - expect "NOTHING" to happen. Then when he does something, you will be much more excited.

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