What qualities do guys look for in girls?

Its a self explanatory question basically.

I'm asking because I like a smart, fun, random, sporty guy and I have no idea how to impress him!

Ive been told I'm very pretty, fun-dorky, funny, sporty,random and smart. Is that what guys like that look for? I'm at a loss please help!


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  • While every guy looks for something completely different, those qualities are generally thought as being good girlfriend qualities. You don't need to impress him to get him to like you, just show him or tell him how you feel and see what he does. We're pretty accepting, and you look good besides.


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  • Well me personally. ...Well it starts with the eyes she's got to have the kind of eyes where you can see throe all the bullsh*t to the good in some one 20% ANGEL 80% DEVIL down to earth isn't afraid to get a little engine grees under her finger nails that's my kind of girl.


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