Blondes or brunettes?

Yes, yes, I know, there are tons of other options, but I'm a brunette and always wanted to be blonde. Should I give it a try? I'd go to a darker shade as I'm pretty tan at the moment.

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  • No harm in trying a dark blonde to see how it looks.


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  • Some people are going to tell you to stick with your natural color, but seriously, if you want to see how you feel as a blonde, go for it. You say you've always wanted to be a blonde, so I think you should definitely give it a try! There is no better feeling than loving how you look, you know?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Try auburn or a dark reddish color, my friend has a tanned look but its her natural skin color and looked really attractive with it

    • Hmm I'm not too fond of reddish colors. But thanks for the advice 😊😊

    • She actually let the color fade so now its brownish, it looks really good on her. She personally told me she would shy away from blondish colors or anything unnatural

What Girls Said 1

  • Go for ombre! Tell your hair stylist to increase the length of coloring and it will look like highlights but more cheaper and better. I have done it although my stylist recommended me this colour which will look blonde when it's colour starts fading. Whereas in blonde when your colour starts fading it looks whitish.
    Consult more about this with your stylist.

    • I already tried ombre but the tips can't go too light as my hair is basically black :/

    • Um pm me if this is the case bc I have a lot to say about this.