Girls, why you take time in selecting your Undergarments, specially Bra?

I have noticed many times infact when I go for shopping with my girlfriend at the lingerie store, it's been noticed that you girls really take time in selecting a single piece among many also after you know your sizes and what variety to buy? Why you do so..


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  • I take time to pick a bra so my boobs aren't falling out over the top. I want a bra that's going to be comfy and support my breasts the way they need to be. I'm mainly looking for something that fits and is cute, it doesn't need to be super fancy or expensive, I just need it to act like a bra is supposed to.

    • Usually when u go out for buying them, which u also have thought to buy.. But when u reach at store why u girls get changed.. When all is pre decided.

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    • Cups no, I don't like padded brad because I have no reason for using them. They just make everything more crampt and uncomfortable. I don't really buy undies for style because no one is seeing them but me lol. I just get what I need when I need it.

    • nice thing.. but yes a black bra and panty is always an appeal which a girl looks more pretty..

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  • We want something pretty we will actually like and wear. Bras can be pretty expensive, so we wanna make sure we get the one we like best so that it's worth it.

    • So why the thoughts and sudden change at the store when all is pre decided

    • I mean the size is already known, but we like to compare the styles and the colors etc. there are a lot of different types to choose from

    • Like what the type actually can you please put some light on it.. So how u choose among them..

  • I actually don't. It doesn't take me more than 3-4 minutes to pick something.

  • The sizes are different in every type of bra so we don't always know what size will fit. We need different types of bras for different occasions and keep on mind not all bras are good for all body types. Sonetimes it is difficult to find yiur own size, especially if girl have large breast.

    • i know many girls those have large breast and they always find a right bra and fell very comfy in them... also i would like to know like u said occasions as there are different bra for different occasions can u tell me which bra u use for which occasion.. specially this is a new thing i m getting to known..

    • Well I know many girl with very large breasts who struggle with finding comfy fitting bras.
      And when we exercise, we need a sports bra. Usually T-shirt bra, or full cup is what many girl use as everyday bra. If we wear a low cut dress or sich, we need bra that won't show and there are different bras for that.

    • Oh.. I know that for exersice I know sports is best and for daily wear a full cup.. But as u said that for occasions we use different bras.. No matter u go f or seamless or strapless.. or cut dresses.. I just want to figure out the names of bra u use occasionally.

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