How to make my makeup last and to stop my face becoming oily?

i use the Dior Star studio full coverage foundation and throughout the day my makeup comes off my face making me look really bad and my face goes really shiny/oily as well. i do use a bit of powder to reduce the oilyness but it doesn't work. any idea on how to keep it lasting? it's no annoying. it looks really nice in the first 3-4 hours but after that it just dissapears. i don't really want to be going to the toilets in college re-applying it. i've stopped eating oily foods and stopped applying moisterisers and face washes with oil in them but it's still not working. HELP!!!


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  • I don't have an answer, but I do have an observation. Remember that an oily complexion in your youth means that you are less likely to have problems with wrinkling as you get older.


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  • Maybe invest in another foundation in the meantime whilst trying to use all of your current one, make sure you're not using a really moisturizing cream on your face prior. GET TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER IT IS A SAVOUR.