OK so I wear skater brands and I'm a girl but I don't skate. I am definitely NOT a poser. I just like the style.

What do you guys think about that?

and girls too... :)


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  • i skate a lot and I barely wear skateboarding company clothes, they are too expensive...and as a skateboarder girls who skate are cool, so wear the clothes but I'm not attracted to them..they more resemble tomboys, like one of the dudes to chill with. personally I hate the style, I have always had a pair of nice fitting jeans, not baggy but not super tight and now a days its all about what shirt your rockin and what jeans you have and what deck and wheels and trucks you have and how big and clunky your shoes are and I feel like just being 'shut the f*** up and skate you pussies' that's just my two cents on the skateboarding 'fashion'


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  • If you don't skate, you aren't a skater, regardless of how you dress.

    I've never heard of "skater clothing" either. I know there are skate shoes, but they pretty much just consists of Vans knockoffs.


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  • If that's your style, you like it and feel confident in it, then keep rockin it. Life's too short.