Can someone show me exactly what a 150 pound woman looks like? That's what I weigh and I want to know what I kinda look like. I know it depends on the person's features, like height and proportions and everything but I just want to see something that looks kinda like me. I look in the mirror and I don't know if what I see is what everyone else sees. My have had body issues in the past and believe that I've tricked myself into seeing something far worse than what is really there. But for all I know, what I see IS what everyone else sees. I'm sorry this is so long and if it doesn't make sense, let me know.

Bottom line: If you or someone you know (female) weighs 150, give or take a few pounds, can you show me a picture of them. Thanks.


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  • There was this amazing picture I found a year or 2 ago, it had 3 models posing nude each weighing differently. Each of the females had a weight above there head along with a guys preference.

    Im trying to find it but no luck.

    Either way ... don't be insecure about your weight. I like having something I can grab onto and something that will slip away from my hands... think about that.

    • Hahhaha okay, I like your response and the last bit made me feell great hhahah

    • Haha typo -- I like having something I can grab onto !!!NOT!!! something that will slip away from my hands.

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  • 30 lbs skinnier than this model


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