What should I do about my thick but patchy facial hair?

I can grow boss stubble and even when I shave its still very visible ( black hair gene). people tell me to grow my beard out instead of but its so patchy and doesn't grow in full but what comes in grows in very quick and full. It looks so patchy to me and no one else notices the pathiness but me. I wish I was baby faced instead of having an an unfull stubble beard. I'm only 21 so it will fill in one day but I don't know how long it will take and want to do something about it until then.


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  • How about a very short neat beard like just a bit over heavy stubble.

    • I usually can hide the patches until about day 3 then i have to kill it so my best bet might be the electric razor stubble like you said I'll give the electric razor a shot.

    • Thanks for MHG

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